The Census Bureau is still hiring! They have a lot of jobs to fill yet, and with less than four weeks to go before mailed invitations start to arrive at houses, now is the time to encourage people to apply. We’ve gathered some tips for applying that might make the process easier and less frustrating.

Applications for Census jobs are taken online. Once applications are completed, they are filtered and processed. If an applicant is accepted for the next phase of the process, they will be called THREE TIMES by a Recruiting Assistant (RA). If the applicant does not answer, the RA may or may not leave a message. If all three calls are missed and any message left is not returned, the application goes back into the applicant pool and may or may not be selected again.

When you do get a call, you will have to say yes or no to a Census job on the spot. You may not understand what the actual job is and what will be asked of you. SAY YES. After the forms are filled out, your application will undergo a background check. When that is completed, you will have an opportunity to work with the agency to be placed in a position that works well for you.

Here is a timeline with more detailed information:

    1. To apply for these positions go to and login or start a new profile.
    2. It should ask you to verify your email address. Check your email.
    3. After verifying your email, login to the applicant portal as a returning applicant
    4. Fill out the application fully, and take the assessment if you want to be considered for a supervisor position. There is no particular position you’re applying for. You’ll be in a pool for Enumerator, Clerk and Recruiting Assistant (RA). If you took the assessment and scored well enough you’ll also be in the pool for Census Field Supervisor (CFS) and Office Operations Supervisor (OOS).
    5. If you filled out everything, you should have a status of “Available” on the portal. If not, then go back and fill out all the required info.
    6. Then, you wait for a call. It’s possible that you will be called as soon as the next day. It could also be a month or two. TIP: Call the Census Bureau at 855-562-2020, select option 3 and listen to the message. It should give you the number to your Area Census Office (ACO) based on the zip code you enter in when prompted. A call offering you a job with the Census will be something similar to this number. ARs are not required to leave a voice message, but if you get a voicemail from the Census return the call ASAP. If you delay, you could be skipped in this selection record and go back into to the pool until another selection is made.
    7. When you are called, listen to the RA read their script. Note any questions so you can ask if they aren’t addressed.
    8. If you were selected for a position, you should receive an email within 4 days of the call with instructions on scheduling your fingerprinting. Your status on the portal should now show “Selected.” In some cases the ACO will assist with scheduling a fingerprinting appointment with you over the phone.
    9. Once your fingerprinting is done, there’s another waiting period for your background check to clear. *If you do not get your fingerprints done in a timely manner you could be de-selected and placed back into the hiring pool.*
    10. Once your background check is complete, you will get a confirmation email requesting that you upload 4 documents to the portal.
    11. The ACO checks to see if the documents are uploaded not. You may get a call at this time prompting you to complete this step and upload the documents. If you do not get these documents uploaded in a timely manner you could be de-selected and placed back into the hiring pool.
    12. Once everything is complete you can expect to receive a call when your training date/time and location will take place. Timing for that depends on a variety of factors, and cannot be predicted.

We strongly encourage staff to apply for these positions themselves – they are both part time and full time and can be tailored to your schedule. We also encourage front line staff members to suggest applying to the customers they work with. The best way for the Census Bureau to reach some populations is by having people who look, sound and act the same way as the people answering the door!

The link to jobs in your state and pay rates that are available is here. You can explore different Census Bureau opportunities here. Pay rates range from $13-27, depending on your area, and reimburses $.58 a mile.